A Handy Checklist to Make Sure Your Roof is Winter-Ready

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“Hey Treasure Valley folks! So, with the school bells ringing, it means one thing - winter's on its way. And trust us, you'll want to make sure your roof's ready for it. We at Owyhee Roofing have got some chill tips (pun intended) to help your home brave the cold months ahead.”

Jeff Doan, owner and CEO

Jeff Doan

CEO, Owner & Operator

Owyhee Roofing and Remodeling

rooftops in Boise Idaho

Roof Check-Up: Your Winter Starter Pack

Before Jack Frost hits town, give your roof a quick once-over. Here's what to eyeball:

  • Missing or Roughed-up Shingles: Got any of those? Better fix 'em up to stop water from crashing the party.
  • Dodgy Flashing: Have a peek around those chimneys, vents, and skylights. You don't want any sneaky gaps letting the cold in.
  • Clogged Gutters: Clear out any leafy squatters. They cause icy blockages and nobody's got time for that.

Fix-It-Up: Don't Procrastinate

Spotted some issues? Time to roll up those sleeves:

  • Shingle Shuffle: Swap out any misfits to keep snow and ice on the outside.
  • Flashy Flashing: Seal off any cracks to stop moisture from doing the cha-cha into your cozy space.
  • Gutter Love: Make sure they're free and clear of any blockages.

Stay Toasty: It's All About Balance

Keeping your home warm and toasty while saving energy is all about good insulation and air-flow:

  • Attic Hugs: Proper insulation up there means a warmer house and fewer icy issues.
  • Roof Breathe: Let your roof breathe! Good ventilation keeps things dry and prevents condensation.

Branching Out: Safety First

Winter storms don't play nice with tree branches. Some simple tricks:

  • Snip-Snip: If a branch looks like it might crash your roof party, trim it back. Better safe than sorry.
  • Cleanup Crew: Get rid of any loose leaves or twigs; they're just asking for trouble.

Pro Check: Get the Experts In

Thinking of a pro touch? Give your local heroes (that's us, Owyhee Roofing!) a shout:

  • Expert Eyes: We've got the know-how to spot even the sneaky issues.
  • Fix it Right: Getting on it now can save you some big bucks later. Plus, we've got your back..

Contact us today to have a qualified professional come out to your property and give you a proper assessment and quote -- we'll provide you with several options and keep your budget in mind as we do so.

Owyhee Roofing and Remodeling

A Boise, Idaho Company

We're a locally owned family business that has been operating in the Treasure Valley for over 16 years. We have experience in all areas of remodeling and roof construction and work hard to gain our customers trust and their business.

Here at Owyhee, we make it our business to get to know you and your unique situation. We'll come out for free and inspect your house and roof, providing you with a detailed quote and options to best suit your renovation interests. Along with the inspection, we'll educate you on the process and practices necessary to create a long lasting impression. Call us today and set up your own appointment!

We use best in class materials, and also have an A+ rating on BBB.

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We're a locally owned family business that has been operating in the Treasure Valley for over 16 years. We have experience in all areas of remodeling and roof construction.

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