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Ice Dam Removal & Roofing Repair

Protect Your Boise, Blaine, or Valley County Home with Confidence!

Valley, Boise, and Blaine Counties are no stranger to the beautiful, yet potentially damaging change of seasons. Don't let ice dams wreak havoc on your home's roof! Introducing Owyhee Roofing, the premier ice dam removal and roof repair specialists serving Central and Southern Idaho.

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Tamarack, ID, USA

Why choose Owyhee Roofing?

  • Free Inspections. Don't let ice dams catch you off guard! We offer free, no-obligation inspections to assess your roof's condition and identify any potential problems before they become costly repairs. We have decades of experience with roofs of all types.
  • High Pressure Steam Technology. Our cutting-edge high pressure steam machines gently and effectively remove ice dams without damaging your roof. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned, harmful methods of ice removal!
  • Insurance Approved. We are proud to use the only ice damn removal technology approved by insurance companies. And we take all necessary precautions with all of our roofs, period. Rest assured knowing your investment is safe with us.

Don't let ice dams threaten the structural integrity of your Valley County or Boise County home. Trust the experts at Owyhee Roofing to keep your roof safe and sound all winter long. Schedule your FREE inspection today by calling (208) 440-7693, emailing us at jeff@owyheeroofing.com or visiting our website at owyheeroofing.com.

Get Peace of Mind With Just One Call!

We give FREE roof inspections to assess if your roof has any ince damns or any leaks. If there are ice damns, removing them usually stops all leaks. If not, Owyhee Roofing will be able to determine the next step of action. Let Owyhee Roofing help you protect your home.

“Fantastic company with awesome pricing. They did everything they said and some extra work as well. Thank you guys, again!”

Stuart S.