Residential Re-Roofing

Located in Meridian, Idaho

“We were out for a walk when we stopped by our neighbors house to ask about their new roof. They told us all about Owyhee and their process, we loved the work and because of our neighbors assurance, we pulled the trigger. A very short turnaround later, and we're loving the results - Thank you Jeff and team!"


This awesome home in Meridian, Idaho needed a new roof, and called on Owyhee to get the job done. After initial inspection it was determined that the roof had already been layered over and we would need to replace the underlying material. Fifteen hours later the work site was spotless and the roof was finished and looking great -- able to withstand 20 years of Idaho's hot summers and cold winters.


Location: Meridian, Idaho
Date:May 10th, 2018
Type:Replaced Roof

About Project:

We used high-quality organic asphalt shingles in our roof build, allowing for longer life and durability than your standard fiberglass shingle. The layer of asphalt under the organic cloth-like material insures long-lasting protection against the elements. Because of the narrow room involved with urban housing, being clean and organized was key to facilitating material handling and maintaining the customers yard and driveway.